General hospital Kruševac

On April 1, 1922, when the Krusevac hospital was officially opened, a fifteen person was employed, with one single surgeon, famous doctor Cedomir Stojanovic.

In the first year of operation, 25 patients were operated. He was an obstetrician when needed, and since 1938, he also performed radiological examinations on his X-ray machine. At the beginning, the hospital had 50 beds in 8 rooms. In addition to the surgery in the hospital, there was also a Skin and Infectious Department, an administrative building with a laboratory, a kitchen and a Deker shack.

Hospital director was Dr. Stevan Višek. In 1922, 570 patients were examines, and there were 1,080 ambulatory interventions. The roots of the Internal Department date back to 1922 when a hospital was established, since in the place of the present administrative building the so-called Internal Department was formed. The first internist in Krusevac was Bozidar Kolovic, who completed his medical studies in Prague.

Today, the General Hospital Krusevac is a modern health institution with 24 services and departments where 1090 employees are employed. The hospital is open 24 hours for its patients serving them with 203 medical doctors, 669 nurses and technicians, 2 pharmacists and 7 healthcare associates, 45 non-medical administrators and 164 non-medical assistants and technical services.

Of the 203 employed doctors, the primary is 19, the magistrate 10, and 4 of them are doctors of medical sciences, 183 are specialists, while 25 of them have specializations.

For 90 years of existence, thousands of human lives have been saved, and it has been cured 30 times more. Such trust is difficult to achieve, and it is obtained only with great work and expertise. In the Kruševac General Hospital, the environment and the level of provision of health services have been significantly improved. It covers the Rasina district as a whole, which means that secondary health care covers 260,000 people. The General Hospital Krusevac has 24 departments and services whose activity is the reception and care of emergency conditions, specialist consultative examinations, diagnostic treatment, treatment and rehabilitation at the polyclinic level within daily hospitals and during hospitalization.